Crewinvest focuses on providing offshore, tax-free
savings, retirement and investment solutions. 



We have been taking care of our clients for over 25 years, offering investment, savings and retirement solutions. Our journey as a brokerage firm began in the UK in the 1980s, assisting investors from all over the world, covering all areas of personal financial matters, offering a choice of retirement plans and fixed income bonds. 


We only deal with regulated companies who offer complete confidentiality and tax-free benefits. We can also help to set-up offshore bank accounts, should it be required.


Contact us to discuss your situation and requirements, to find the best solution for you. 




  • Full understanding of your industry 

  • Tax-free proceeds from your savings

  • Regular savings and fixed income bonds 

  • Your capital is protected from reducing in value


  • A qualified and experienced team dealing with regulated offshore companies 


  • Access to investments that are usually only available for financial institutions 


  • 24/7 real-time access to your online account for the monitoring of your investments

  • Assistance in setting up offshore bank accounts

Crewinvest offers the best available offshore tax-free savings, retirement and investment plans to our clients. Plan your future with global leaders in savings and retirement planning. We provide regular contribution plans and fixed income bonds allowing you to save without the downside risks. 


Starting to save for your future is critically important, but its not hard at all. We care for the financial future of various industry professionals such as pilots, ship captains, doctors/surgeons, independent contractors and others, located worldwide.

Use the retirement savings calculator to see how much you will receive tax-free on your savings.




Regular Contribution Plan 

The regular contribution plan invests directly into the S&P 500 and guarantees your invested capital not to reduce in value, allowing you to participate in the market growth without the downside risk. Contribute when you like - how much you like. With an option to select a 10, 15 or 20 year term.



12-month Fixed Income Plans

The short term fixed income plans pay a fixed interest of 14% directly to your bank account every quarter. They are provided by European established companies with over 10 years of experience. 

These plans are available to US citizens and residents. 

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