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  • Minimum investment: $100,000

  • 10% annual interest rate, paid directly to your bank account semi-annually

  • Maturity date: 31 December 2019

  • Invested capital returned at the end of the term

  • No management fees

The cleantech and renewable energy bond offers an opportunity to the fast growing area of green energy. 

The company issuing the bonds is based in Luxembourg with a mission to create a global network of investment opportunities in order to accelerate the drive towards sustainable energy solutions for the planet. 


Best suited for:


  • Individuals looking to set up a short-term savings and retirement plan


  • Retiring individuals wishing to receive a fixed income 


  • Alternative to a savings account


In terms of a guarantee for investors, this is perhaps best explained by how they invest.


OPEN is extremely diligent in its research of each and every project and conducts full due diligence on the projects, cash and growth projections, the management team involved and their experience amongst other factors. OPEN is very cautious with every project as they co own them along with investors so that our interests are fully aligned.


All projects they invest in have secured income stream because of the feed in tariff and Power Purchase Agreements. These are available upon request. 


The investment strategy is to invest in renewable energy projects that generate a predictable income stream, underpinned by governmental financial incentive schemes and Power Purchase Agreements, subject to the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities.


OPEN seeks projects which include long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) with governments, utilities and high volume industrial users providing stable and risk adverse cash flow for a predetermined period in excess of 15 years. This financial arrangement allows OPEN to acquire assets of any scale with a reduced risk profile. The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an agreement to purchase a certain amount of power for a certain price and for a certain amount of time, thereby reducing variability of costs and profits. The PPA secures the payment stream between the seller that is the entity owning the project and the purchaser, which can range from utilities to companies, municipalities, cooperatives and individuals who want to use renewable energy.


Click here to see 10 reasons why to invest into Open Cleantech and Renewable Energy Bond.


As the call for clean renewable energy continues to grow louder, there is an alarming need for companies to find new ways to produce energy without causing additional harm to the environment. While coal continues to be one of the least expensive resources for generating electricity, it also has a direct effect on the carbon emissions contributing to harmful greenhouse gases. Solar energy, wind energy and even hydro-electric plants are finding new ways to harvest natural elements, producing electricity that can be used without causing additional environmental harm.

Increasingly government policies and regulations are forcing companies to shift to cleaner energy solutions to run their business, propelling the demand for cleantech and renewable energy. 


2016 produced a new record for global investment in renewable energy. The amount of money committed to renewables excluding large hydro-electric projects, rose by 5% to $285.9 billion, exceeding the previous record of $278.5 billion achieved in 2011.


Global investment in renewable power capacity, at $265.8 billion, was more than double the dollar allocations to new coal and gas generation, which was an estimated $130 billion in 2016. Click here to view report on Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investments.  

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