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Capital One Group is a Swiss group that has provided investment solutions to clients from all over the world since 1985. They offer diversified technology, engineering and investment solutions to clients, investors and partners. The company has established a natural resources trading operation allowing investors to participate and earn a regular fixed interest income. 

The plan is backed by collateral, meaning that your capital is secured against physical commodities stored in a secure location in Lichtenstein, with a valuation of over 300m EUR. 

Capital One Group uses short term investments to finance its working capital requirements, which is a standard procedure for such trading companies. 

Trading operations are fully insured end to end 

  • Term: 12 months with an option to renew

  • Minimum investment of 50,000 EUR / USD / GBP

  • 10% annual Interest paid directly to your bank account every quarter

  • Monthly or quarterly coupon payments directly to your bank

  • Flexibility to choose the term and coupon 

  • At the end of the term, your capital is returned to you or renewed for another term.


  • Regular income from savings or capital

  • The company has been trading since 1985

  • Capital One Group has over 300m EUR in assets

  • Investment backed by collateral located in Liechtenstein


The Capital One Group's trading is based on the buy-sell model which is fully insured from end-to-end and provides collateral for your investment. 


The management of this complete trade cycle has over 10 years of experience in commodity trading. The operational management team has many years of experience in trading natural resource commodities. 

This vast experience has not only made it possible to gain access to natural resource buyers. The long lasting relationships with various suppliers and a large network of pre-qualified buyers are key to this operation. 



1. What if the commodities are lost or the cargo is stolen? The transport companies are fully insured for these events. No transportation company without

such insurance is contracted.

2. If the buyer becomes insolvent and cannot pay, what risk for economic losses does this mean for CAP and it’s investors? All buyers have to pay for

the commodities in full before they are released to them. No lines of credit are given to buyers.

3. If CAP becomes insolvent and cannot carry on their business? Investors funds are protected through collateral in physical commodities regulated in

the contract signed under Swiss law. All funds invested into the Capital One Group are backed by all the group's assets as a whole, which are

currently valued at EUROS 300m.

4. Decrease in demand from the buyers and also the lack of commodity suppliers? There is an abundance of natural resource commodities buyers and

only a few main suppliers who are able to meet their requirements.

5. What happens if the market drops and the prices fall? CAP have enough margins in this trade to cover the investors returns, should there be a market

correction. CAP buys at a certain discount from the market price and have buyers ready to buy. The commodities are in high demand so a trend of

decreasing prices will not effect the profitability of the trade.

6. Liquidity in the market, should there be a shortage of liquidity? It would not affect CAP, as the total purchase volume is very small in comparison to the

global market. They have buyers from all over the world, purchasing 3-4 months stock in advance for production. These buyers are very liquid. CAP’s

pricing compared to the market price is very attractive therefore the sale is not a problem. CAP utilizes the raised capital to increase their delivery

volume to meet their customers' demands. Hence there is more than enough returns in these transactions to cover the interest payable to the


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