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12-month Firewood Fixed Income Plan - Business Update

For over five years, GG Capital has been providing professionals such as airline and yacht captains, surgeons and consultants, with a short-term 12 months fixed income plan that pays 12% interest per year. The interest is paid out every three months directly to their bank account. This short term plan is used as savings, retirement and as a fixed income plan. GG Capital is a Swiss based company with clients such as Shell, Kanava, K-RAUTA and Motoral, Ingarö Ved, Norrort Ved, ICA,, JSP Trading and their network of over 100 end customers, in over 10 countries including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark.

GG Capital's growth so far for this season compared to last year is more than 50%, due to:

  • High quality and environment certification

  • Colder winter in Scandinavia this winter compared to last season

  • Covid which resulted in less travelling and instead people spend more time in their homes.

Their continued high quality, delivery secure logistical solutions have really paid off. For the next coming season, GG Capital will submit quotes to several new major companies / chains in Scandinavia and also take the first step into the European market. Their operations in Europe will be managed from their Swiss established company, and will focus to develop the market in Switzerland, Germany and Italy, Their existing customers (wholesalers and retail chains) continue to increase their orders with GG Capital, and so far they are very proud to say that they have never lost a client since inception. The company's in-depth and successful cooperation with their logistics partner means that GG Capital can use their local warehouses and offer their customers several other connected firewood products, such as wooden briquettes, ignition products and pellets on the same truck. This strong increase in flexibility has received great appreciation from their customers and strengthened their trust "Without being overly optimistic, we forecast our sales to be able to almost double the coming next two seasons: 2021 / 2022 and 2022 / 2023" CEO of GG Capital, Mats Grube. Robert Eddy, from Eddy Haulage, a 40-year veteran of the timber industry, said demand had started increasing in 2019. "Last year, I saw my demand for firewood double and that trend has repeated again this year," he said. Another supplier, who declined to be named for commercial reasons, said this year had been "absolutely crazy". Click here to read more. If you are looking to earn a regular fixed income on your savings, contact us for more information about the 12-month Firewood Fixed Income Plan please email us at


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