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Are You About to Retire?

This can be very stressful. Asking yourself whether you have saved enough, done enough and are prepared for a comfortable retirement?

When that paycheck of yours will stop – the only income you will have is from your pension fund.

As unrealistic as it may sound that day will come and sooner rather than later. Making sure you have done all you could will give you that security and peace of mind. Most of us ask ourselves whether we have saved enough? Will we have enough for a financially secure retirement?

What will your cost of living be – Rule of Thumb

Calculating the cost of living in your retirement is tricky. This is affected by factors such as where you live, what lifestyle you want to have, your health and how long you will live. Not mentioning your spouses and children’s well-being.

The general rule of thumb is that you will need 70 to 80 percent of your pre-retirement income after you finish working. Some retirement experts even say 100 percent is needed for the next 10 years after you stop working because spending does not really slow down in early retirement. Many newly retired, ramp up travelling and leisure activities that they would normally not have time for.

This means that for a professional who earns a minimum of $100,000 per year, they will need $1,000,000 just in the first 10 years.

Will your nest egg last as long as you will?

Many people don’t consider longevity when they set savings goals. Life expectancy today is much longer than it was 20 or 30 years ago. A healthy middle-class couple today at 65, has a 43 percent chance that one or both partners will live until 93 years old. Let’s not forget medical expenses. As we grow older and with the environment around us deteriorating, the need for healthcare is growing and so are it’s costs.

Make sure your savings are generating income today

The 12-month plans provide you with a 12% annual income paid every 3 months directly into your bank account.

These plans invest directly into operating trading companies, as opposed to stocks and bonds and are not impacted by the markets ups and downs.

You can select between the Firewood and Diamond Trading plans.

12-month Swiss-Based Diamond Trade Plan

  • This is a 12 month plan with the option to renew.

  • The plan pays a 12% yearly interest, every 3 months directly to your bank account.

  • This invests into raw diamonds, which are sold to existing wholesale clients worldwide.

  • The plan is operated by a Swiss based company and comes under Swiss regulations.

  • The investment is fully insured. Insurance documents are available

  • US citizens are eligible

12-month Firewood Trade Plan

  • This is a 12 month plan with the option to renew.

  • Interest: 12% per year paid out every 3 months directly to your bank account

  • ​Invests into high quality firewood which is then sold to existing clients in Scandinavia such as Shell. ​

  • US citizens are eligible

  • Fully insured end-to-end​​

  • Insurance documentation and audited statements available upon request

Contact us at to receive the factsheet which explains how it works and how it is guaranteed.

All the experience we’ve accumulated over the years has meant our service has evolved to specifically suit aircrew and their needs. From setting up offshore bank accounts for your tax-free proceeds, to providing exceptional access to investments usually reserved solely for financial institutions.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you create financial security.

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