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NEW: 6 Month Short-Term Savings Plan Paying a Regular Income

The Precious Metals Plan is now available for a 6-month term. The plan provides 6% interest over the 6-month term, paid every two months directly to your bank account.

Whether you are working or retired, the benefits of such a short-term plan are:

  • Allows you to make your savings work for you without locking your money away for a long time in case you need it quickly

  • Provides a regular income of 1% per month that you can use without eating into your savings

About the Precious Metals Plan

The company that provides the precious metals plan is Swiss based with offices in Geneva and Lichtenstein and has been operating since 1985. They offer diversified technology, real estate, engineering and investment solutions to clients, investors and partners. The company has established a precious metal trading operation allowing investors to participate and earn a regular interest paid directly to their bank account.

Precious metals are bought directly from mining partners and sold to existing clients in USA, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Spain. Precious metals include lithium, rough diamonds, nickel, gold and silver.

Contact us to receive further information about how the trade works.

When can you redeem your savings?

One month before the end of the term, you can request your funds to be returned to you, or they will automatically renew for a further 6 months.

How is the interest payment being paid?

The interest is paid every two months directly to your bank account.

Minimum Investment

For the 6-month plan the minimum investment is 250,000 EUR/USD/GBP.

How safe are your savings

All savings are fully backed by collateral and the operations are fully insured.

Capital One Group owns liquid and easily disposable assets in the form of nickel, gold, silver, copper and other precious metals which are all stored in a highly secured safe house located in Triesen, Lichtenstein. These have an official valuation of over 300m EUR as part of the Capital One Group's assets.

Invested amount is guaranteed by physical holding of various precious metals, commodities and strategic metals. For a part of this investment program the company has secured clients investments by holding nickel wire at a value of 200% of the invested amount. This means that for every $1 invested, the investment is backed up by $2 worth of collateral located in Triesen, Lichtenstein.

Are there any management fees?

There are no management or administration fees.

Who is Crewinvest?

Crewinvest are brokers who recommend the best savings and retirement products available.

We have no access to your funds and do not charge any management fees. All contracts and funds are directly signed and sent to the providing companies.

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