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Have you given up on saving for retirement?

You want to save more but you are undecided and afraid of the risk, so you keep on postponing it for later.

The risk does exist, but so it exists with your company pension plan or your social security. Companies go bankrupt and governments can decide to reduce or cease to provide social security. Even putting money in the bank or under the matrass carries a risk.

Today, the retirement landscape is completely different from what our parents experienced. Everything is unstable and the only way to protect yourself is to have as many plans as possible.

After a lifetime of working hard, we want to retire without any financial worries. We do not want to worry whether our money will run out, will we have enough or can I afford a vacation.

Some savings plan options will offer you capital-protected and fixed income savings plans.

For example, the S&P 500 Index Regular Contribution Plan and Short-term fixed income plans.

The S&P 500 Index Regular Contribution Plan

Warren Buffet recommends the S&P 500 Index as the best retirement savings fund. Why? because it is the most diversified fund investing into the 500 largest companies in the world. It is managed by a group of highly experienced experts and provides on average 8.5% return per year.

The S&P 500 Index Plan allows you to contribute on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually basis directly into the S&P 500 Index.

What this plan provides you with, is capital protection, meaning your savings cannot decrease in value. If you have contributed in total $200,000, then you will receive at the end of the term your $200,000 contributed amount.

But how does the plan protect you from the S&P 500 Index returns decreasing? The plan offers a minimum 4% return per year or the S&P 500 Index return, whichever is the greater.

Receive for the S&P 500 Index Savings Plan Factsheet.

Fixed Income Plans

Fixed income plans are loan-based products providing a fixed interest paid every quarter directly to your bank account.

These plans are provided by EU based companies trading in timber such as firewood products and natural resources. They provide 12 month plans, which are renewable.

12-month Firewood Trade Plan

This is provided by a company specializing in commodity trading of firewood products. They have been supplying high quality wood products to their long-term clients in Finland (they are the biggest supplier), Denmark, Norway, Greece, Ireland Sweden, Spain and Israel.

GG Capital clients include:

  • K-rauta, Wholly-owned subsidiary of Finland's largest trading group: Kesko Oyj. Operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Baltic States and Russia.

  • Motoral, One of the biggest wholesalers in Finland. Among other things, providing 150 Shell gas stations in Finland with firewood and barbecue charcoal.

  • Coop, Sweden's second largest retail chain with 655 stores. Operations also in Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Baltic States.

  • Other existing clients include Shell, Ingarö Ved, Norrort Ved, ICA,, JSP Trading and their network of over 100 end customers.

The fixed income plan pays:

  • 9% total net interest for a 12-month term. The interest is paid every three months directly to your bank account. Minimum investment is 25,000EUR/USD/GBP

  • No management or administration fees

12-Month Natural Resources Trade Plan

This is provided by a Swiss based company, who specialize in natural resource commodity trading, providing their long-term clients in Europe, India, United Arab Emirates and China.

The plan is provided by Capital One Group. This is a Swiss group that has provided investment solutions to clients from all over the world since 1985. They offer diversified technology, engineering and investment products to clients, investors and partners. The company has established a natural resource trading operation allowing investors to participate and earn a regular fixed interest income. ​

The plan is backed by collateral, meaning that your capital is secured against physical commodities stored in a secure location in Lichtenstein, with a valuation of over 300m EUR. ​

Capital One Group uses short term investments to finance its working capital requirements. This is a standard procedure for such trading companies.

The fixed income plan pays:

  • 12% total net interest for a 12-month term. The interest is paid every three months directly to your bank account. Minimum investment is 50,000EUR/USD/GBP

  • No management or administration fees

Who is Crewinvest? Crewinvest are introducing brokers who recommend the best investment, savings and retirement products available. We have no access to your funds and do not charge any management fees. All contracts and funds are directly signed and sent to the providing companies.

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