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NEWS: 12-Month Firewood Plan provider has signed new agreements with new markets

GG Capital, provider of the 12-month Fixed Income Plan, are continuing to expand and grow their trading operations in wood, wood briquettes and charcoal. A New deal with Russia has now made possible for GG Capital to deliver wood products to Northern and Eastern Finland.

"We will continue to expand our trading operations in wood, wood briquettes and charcoal, and in the coming season which now begins Aug / Sep, we will begin to collaborate with additional new manufacturers. Now for the first time in Russia, we will work with 3 new manufacturers in the Russian Karelia (mainly around Petroskov).

Northern and Eastern Finland, until now, has been difficult for us to reach due to long logistical routes, higher raw material prices from Estonia / Latvia and the need for a ferry transport on the way. However, with the new deal with Russia, this has now become possible.

We have already received new K-Rauta customers / orders for both firewood and wood briquettes, where the first deliveries from Russia will be made already at the end of this month. We will also meet another 10-12 K-Rauta companies in Eastern / Northern Finland in the coming weeks to set up new business. We are also in negotiations with RTV and PUUILO (2 Finnish retail chains), which demand both wood and wood briquettes." GG Capital

GG Capital Europe Ltd is a trading company based in Estonia. For over 10 years they have been exporting and trading commodities to their clients in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Israel and the Baltic regions.

Their existing clients include Shell, Kanava, K-RAUTA, Motoral, S Group, Motorla, RTV, Coop, Ingarö Fed, Norrort Ved, ICA,, JSP Trading and their network of over 100 end customers.

“I am very pleased with my Firewood Plan. All payments have been on time. I have been discussing this with my colleagues. I look forward to continuing my investments with you.” Dughall MacLaughlainn, ship captain

The Firewood Fixed Income Plan

Not all countries offer low interest rates on credit. In the Baltic states and Russia for example, interest rates on business loans may range from 15% to 25%. This makes it very difficult for businesses to borrow for expansion. Therefore, businesses look elsewhere to raise money.

Over the years GG Capital has built its fixed interest rate programme. Due to its success, it has decrease the interest rate from 12% in 2018 to 9% and 8.5% in 2019.

Working on such terms, the company has easier access to working capital allowing them to expand their operations by increasing their delivery quantity to meet clients’ demands, thus increasing profits. At the same time preserving company ownership.

The 12-month instrument was designed to meet the growing demand of their retail clients to deliver higher quantities.

Operations work very simply. GG Capital signs the agreements with clients on delivery quantities they can deliver. This means that in order to meet the growing demand of clients, GG Capital need more working capital (cash) to further develop and scale up the trade with their new major retail chains that they are delivering to on a continuous basis.

Therefore, GG Capital has developed a 12-month fixed interest product, through which it funds its trading operations.

The fixed interest product has proven to work very well for both the company and investors over the last five years.

“Thank you for introducing me to the firewood plan. After a year of investing, I am very happy with the plan and my interest is always paid on time directly to my bank account.” Linda

This provides the following benefits to investors:

  • Very short term of 12 months, with an option to extend for another 12 months.

  • Fixed interest rate of 8.5% per year, paid directly to investor’s bank account every quarter (monthly payments are also possible).

  • Allows investors to earn fixed income of their savings (minimum investment is 25,000EUR/USD/GBP.

  • Protects investors interest, as such type of investors have claims on assets before shareholders. Click here to find about more about how the plan is protected.

  • Allows investors to not lock in their funds for a lengthy period.

  • US citizens and residents are eligible.

  • No management or administration fees or charges.

This is a great tool for those who are retired and are looking to earn regular fixed income on their savings and for those looking to increase their savings in a predictable way.

Contact us to get the factsheet at

Crewinvest are introducing brokers who recommend the best investment, savings and retirement products available. We have no access to your funds and do not charge any management fees. All contracts and funds are directly signed and sent to the providing companies.

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