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Europe is turning to its Oldest Fuel – Firewood.

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Energy crisis has increased the demand for firewood all over Europe due to gas shortages and energy price spikes.

All over Europe, demand is increasing for firewood and supplies are limited, turning the firewood industry into the next big thing.

As a result of gas shortages and price spikes, Germany is struggling to heat their homes and seeing a rising trend in wood burning stoves. The energy prices have tripled from 800euros a year to 2,300euros in 2022 for a household of two people.

France has declared its ambition to increase the number of homes heated with wood from 9.5million in 2023 to 11.3 million in 2028 with studies showing 50% increase in annual demand. (source:

Spain’s demand for firewood pellets has increased by 40% due to the high energy prices, shortage of gas and the objective to move away from fossil fuels. (source:

And the list goes on...

Firewood Northern Europe - a leading supplier to Northern Europe

Firewood is not only the oldest source of heating but it is also a renewable energy. Even though to most people, cutting wood means destroying natural resources but in reality, due to sustainable forestry practices, it is like having a farm.

One of the growing suppliers of firewood in Northern Europe is GG Capital Europe, who has renamed itself to Firewood Northern Europe in Fall 2022. They are the first firewood suppliers to obtain SWAN certificate on their products and are dedicated to minimizing the carbon footprint through their supply chain.

As demand grows for firewood and eco-sustainable products, Firewood Northern Europe is at its forefront. They have built its network of sustainable forestry suppliers and customers over their 10 years in operations. They export to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Ireland, UK and Germany to their customers which include Coop, BYGGMAX, Bauhaus, Tokmanni, OKQ8 and K-Rauta.

Invest in Firewood industry and earn a 11% fixed return

Firewood Northern Europe provides an opportunity to invest in the niche firewood industry through the 12-month Fixed Income Plan. The plan pays 11% fixed interest per year every 3 months or can be compounded. After 12 months, you can redeem your capital or leave it for another 12-month term.

The 12-month Fixed Income Plan has been offering its investors fixed returns for over 10 years.

Such financing allows Firewood Northern Europe to increase their supply capacity to meet the growing customer demand and in return offers its investors a fixed annual income.

Subscription is now opened, please contact for the factsheet and more information on how to start the 12-month Fixed Income Plan.


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