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Firewood Northern Europe takes on the German market

Germany’s demand in firewood has increased dramatically. People are stockpiling candles and wood in fear of power cuts and blackouts.

The energy crisis in Germany has worsened, driving people to turn to the old ways to keep warm. Germany’s struggle to secure power for the country has propelled the demand for firewood.

Moritz Kuhn, the economist from the University of Bonn, told "my friends and family have been trying to buy firewood to heat their apartments, but it's nowhere to be found. If you go to a store and try to buy anything that you could burn in your oven, you are not going to find anything. It's just all sold out or has ridiculous prices." (source: click here)

Firewood Northern Europe (GG Capital Europe) has signed on Bauhaus ( in Germany which opens Firewood Northern Europe’s access to the Germany market. Bauhaus is a German pan-European retail chain offering products for home improvement, gardening and workshop. It has 250 stores and franchises across Europe including Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey, which could provide Firewood Northern Europe with potential to expand into Bauhaus’s other countries and stores.

As Germany’s domestic firewood supplies are all out of wood (according to German’s Federal Firewood Association), they are turning to EU partners to source supplies (source: click here).

Firewood is a niche industry but with a strong base and bright future. The energy problem is not going to go away in the next few years and as people are buying heating furnaces and wood stoves, the firewood’s demand is here to stay.

Looking to invest in firewood?

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The 12-month Firewood Plan has been for over 15 years providing a fixed income to professionals. At the moment, the interest rate is fixed to 11% and paid out quarterly to your bank account. The subscription is currently open but is quickly being subscribed.

The 12-month Firewood Plan advantages:

  • Short term, only 12 months (which can be renewed for another term)

  • Pays a fixed regular income every quarter directly to your bank account (or you can opt for it to be compounded)

  • Not affected by stock market volatility

  • Invests directly into a trading business

  • A fast-growing niche industry

  • Eco-certified supplier of firewood

  • A renewable energy industry – invest with impact

  • For over 15-years, the 12-month plan has been a trusted saving solution for pilots, captains, medics and other professionals

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