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GG Capital enters the German market and changes name to Firewood Northern Europe

GG Capital Europe has changed their name to Firewood Northern Europe OÜ. The new name will further strengthen their profile and describe clearly to the market and their clients, what the company does.

For over 12 years they have been successfully developing and building a strong wholesale and retail client base which includes Coop, Shell, OK Q8, Bauhause, K-Rauta, Tokmanni, BYGGMAX in Northern Europe and are now entering the German market.

The outlook for 2023:

  • Strong demand for firewood throughout the whole of Europe.

  • Their green eco-strategy continues to strengthen their position in the market due to them being the first and only eco-certified supplier. The demand from clients for eco-sustainable products is growing.

  • Expected increase of 60,000 tons of firewood in the 2023/2024 season.

Invest in Firewood through the 12-month fixed income plan:

Firewood Northern Europe has been offering the 12-month fixed income plan for over 10 years to fund their growth. The funds are used to scale up the supply to meet the increase in customers' demand.

The plan pays 11% interest every three months directly to your bank account and at the end of 12-months you can redeem your capital or renew it for another term.

This is a reliable and trusted plan which is perfect for professionals looking to grow their savings and earn a regular fixed income.

Firewood Fixed Income Plan's advantages:

  • Very short term - 12 months (renewable)

  • Earns a fixed 14% interest per year

  • Niche industry

  • Not affected by market volatility

  • The first eco-certified supplier in Scandinavia

  • Ideal for those looking to grow your savings and retirement funds or to earn a passive or retirement income

Contact us to receive the factsheet and put your savings to work.


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