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Maximizing Savings for a Secure Retirement: Turning Savings into a Steady Stream

As retirement approaches, the question of how to transform hard-earned savings into a reliable income becomes paramount. For those without a defined retirement income, the task may seem daunting. However, a unique solution has been quietly providing financial security for over 14 years, offering a fixed income to professionals such as airline pilots, surgeons, and other savvy investors. Allow us to introduce you to the 12-Month Fixed Income Firewood Plan (renewable).

For Americans:

The average American receives around $1,543 in monthly retirement income from Social Security. However, individual benefits vary based on earnings history and the age at which benefits are claimed. While Social Security provides a valuable income source, it typically replaces only a portion of pre-retirement earnings. Supplementing with personal savings and investments is often necessary for a comfortable retirement. Planning ahead and seeking financial advice are crucial for making informed decisions about retirement savings and maximizing Social Security benefits.

For Swedish

The average Swedish retiree receives a monthly retirement income of around SEK 17,000 (~1,630 euros) from the national pension system. However, the exact amount can vary based on factors such as the individual's earnings history, years of contributions, and age at retirement. The Swedish social security system aims to provide a comprehensive and stable income for retirees, but it's important to note that additional private pension savings and investments are also common in Sweden to enhance retirement income.

For Norway

The average retirement income from Social Security in Finland is around 1,500 euros per month. This amount may vary based on factors such as the individual's work history, contributions to the pension system, and other factors. It's important to note that retirement income can also include additional benefits and pensions from private savings or occupational pension plans.

For British

The average retirement income from Social Security in the United Kingdom, also known as the State Pension, is around £175 per week. The actual amount received can vary based on an individual's National Insurance contribution record. Additional income sources, such as private pensions or savings, can contribute to the overall retirement income.

For Germans

The average retirement income from Social Security in Germany, known as the statutory pension, is approximately €1,200 per month. The actual amount can vary based on an individual's earnings history and the number of contribution years. Private pensions and other sources of income can also supplement the retirement income in Germany.

For Spanish

The average retirement income from Social Security in Spain, known as the public pension, is around €1,000 per month. The specific amount can vary depending on an individual's earnings and the number of years of contributions. Other factors, such as the retirement age and the type of pension, can also impact the final amount received.


Expats in Hong Kong, UAE or in most countries, are not eligible for the Social Security retirement scheme. The governments do not have a mandatory social security system for retirement income. Individuals are responsible for their own retirement savings.

Overall, the current government retirement system is inadequate to sustain one's accustomed lifestyle without significant spending reductions. For instance, if an individual earns 11,000EUR in France, their retirement income would decrease to only 4,500EUR. This substantial decline in purchasing power after years of work, tax payments, and contributions to a renowned Social Security system raises concerns about the future for the rest of us.

Discover the 12-Month Fixed Income Firewood Plan - Securing Your Retirement Income

In an era of unpredictable markets, the Firewood Plan offers a lifeline to individuals seeking an income stream during their retirement years or saving for retirement.

With interest rates ranging from 11% to 14% (depending on the size of your savings), this plan provides a consistent and fixed return on investment every quarter, directly deposited into your bank account.

With €1 million in savings at 14% per year, you would be benefiting from an annual income of €140,000, all without dipping into your hard-earned nest egg. This plan allows individuals to preserve their savings while generating a substantial income, offering peace of mind during their golden years.

This retirement income solution is made possible through a private company that offers the Fixed Income Firewood Plan, providing greater flexibility for onboarding US citizens. It allows you to maintain your financial independence by generating a consistent income stream without eating into your savings.

The plan's track record speaks for itself, as it has consistently delivered reliable income for more than a decade. This impressive performance has attracted professionals such as airline pilots and yacht crew who seek financial stability.

As the global economy continues to evolve, retirement income planning becomes increasingly critical.

Click here to request the 12-month Fixed Income Firewood Plan


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