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Short Term Fixed Income Plan Rate Change

In May, the rates will drop to 10%. However, the short term 12-month Fixed Income Savings Plan still have a small amount available at 12%. Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of this.

Why Fixed income plans? Fixed income is an investment approach focused on preservation of capital and income. Click here to read what BlackRock says about the Fixed Income Plans. What does GG Capital do? GG Capital supplies wood products including firewood, charcoal, wood pellets to retail clients such as Shell and Coop. They export to over 10 countries and in the last 3 years have become the biggest import/exporter to Finland. Recently, GG Capital has moved their company to Switzerland and have started to develop and expand into this area. GG Capital has been offering the 12-month plan for over 8 years paying interest every quarter directly to the plan-holders bank accounts. The Company's orders grew by 90% over the last year and these are expected to double next season. This expectation is due to (1) rise in demand from existing clients, (2) on-boarding new clients, (3) reputation and (4) being SWAN certified has attracted new clients. Why does GG Capital need to raise funds through 12-month fixed income plans? In order to expand their operations and meet clients’ rising demand, GG Capital requires working capital. This financing method allows GG Capital to raise the necessary funds for expansion without having to sell their equity in their company. How does it work? Click here to find out more. Why rates are dropping? There are two reasons for this: (1) GG Capital has on-boarded new clients, big retail stores such as BYGGMAXX. These big chains require their suppliers to offer competitive prices, pushing down suppliers’ margins. Due to this the cost of financing is becoming too expensive and requires GG Capital to lower their rates and (2) GG Capital has built its reputation and awareness amongst their investors over the last 8 years. The company’s growth and financial stability offers you a non-volatile and stable investment. The funds go into buying and selling the commodity, which as well as being insured from start to finish is also pandemic-proof. How to invest in the short term 12-months Fixed income plan? Click here or contact us at to request the factsheet.


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