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Managing your money for retirement can be a stressful and overwhelming experience when you really start calculating the stakes. 

At no matter what age you are, retirement is inevitable and the longer you leave it, the higher the risk that you may not save enough for a comfortable retirement. 

For now, you are used to receiving your pay check and know that it will come next month, next year and in the years to come. If you lose your job, you can always find another one but what happens when you retire? Finding work will be more complicated at 65, and do you even want to work because you have to provide for yourself at 70? 

Today you have three ways of saving for retirement, two out of three depends on other sources, which makes you dependent on government or your company. The third option is setting up a private plan, which will allow you to:

  1. Manage the risk in case the government increases the retirement age, reduces the payment pay outs; 

  2. Reduce the reliance on company pension schemes, which may go out of business, reduce pension benefits (like with Virgin) and run into pension deficit; 

  3. Have peace of mind that you have secured and increased the income for your retirement.


There are many options available to the ones that seriously want to save a portion of their income and/or capital for the benefit of their financial future. The two most popular ones:

  • Regular savings contributions

  • Fixed Income Plans 


These plans allow you to save on a regular basis. You can put aside each month, quarterly, semi-annually or annually a fixed amount, for example 10% of your salary. 

Experts recommend to say 15%-20% from every pay check for maximum benefits. 

The S&P 500 Index Regular Contribution Savings plan

Placing your money into the S&P 500 Index has been recommended by Warren Buffet himself. He believes this is the best place to put your savings for retirement. Click here to read about what Warren Buffet says.  

The S&P 500 Index plan investsdirectlyinto the S&P 500 Index. This is the most diversified fund you will ever find. It consists of 500 corporations operating in different industries, such as Apple, Amazon, Pfizer and other. 

Over the last 20 years, the S&P 500 Index has an average of 8.5% return per year. 

This plan guarantees your savings will not decrease in value, meaning no matter how the fund performs your total contributions will be returned to you at the end of the term. The plan is provided by a reputable company with offices in Miami, Singapore, Dubai, Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico and uses A rated banks as their guarantors. 

The plan also provides a minimum guaranteed return of 4% and 6% per year for the 15 and 20 year terms. 

What does it mean? 

Let’s say you have the 15-year term plan. At the end of the term, the plan checks:

  1. Has the S&P 500 Index earned MORE than 4% per year? 

  2. IF YES: you receive your total contributions + the S&P 500 Index return over the 15 years

  3. IF NO: your total contributions + 4% return per year (over 15 years)

To give you real-life example, Javier, a pilot at xxx, started his plan in 2015 and to date, he has made 30.8% return. 


"For the last three years I have been contributing to three different plans. One of them is the S&P 500 Index. It provides a good                plan to those who want to know at all times where my savings are. I don't have to worry about my contributions going down in                 value." Jose Harrari, Pilot   

Contact us to receive the factsheet.


Crewinvest works with financial companies all around the world in order to provide the best solutions that are adapted to your needs. 

The main problem with most financial products available today is that they do not provide a short-term solution. 

Some of us are worried about being locked in a savings plan or product for a fixed period of time, and unable to use the money should it be needed for emergencies. Now, even though these plans are meant for retirement, a lot of things can happen in life where cash may be needed urgently. 

12 Month Fixed Income Bond: 

The bond is provided by a EU based company that does commodity trading in timber, more precisely firewood products. They specialize in commodity trading of firewood products and have been supplying high quality wood products to their long-term clients in Finland (they are the biggest supplier), Denmark, Norway, Greece, Ireland Sweden, Spain and Israel over the last 10 years. 

Their clients include:

  • K-rauta, Wholly-owned subsidiary of Finland's largest trading group: Kesko Oyj. Operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Baltic States and Russia.

  • Motoral, One of the biggest wholesalers in Finland. Among other things, providing 150 Shell gas stations in Finland with firewood and barbecue charcoal.

  • Coop, Sweden's second largest retail chain with 655 stores. Operations also in Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Baltic States.

  • Other existing clients include, Ingarö Ved, Norrort Ved, ICA,, JSP Trading and their network of over 100 end customers.

The fixed income bond pays:

  • 9% total net interest for a 12-month term. The interest is paid every three months directly to your bank account. Minimum investment is 25,000EUR/USD/GBP

  • 5% total net interest for a 6-month term. The interest is paid every month directly to your bank account. Minimum investment is 100,000 EUR/USD/GBP

  • This is designed for those who would like to receive a monthly income such as retirees. 


"I can't recommend your service enough! Payments on time and instant response with any questions I have. Definitely the best investment around! Thank you so much!." Dianne Mitchel  

Contact us to receive the factsheet.

Who is Crewinvest? We are brokers who recommend the best savings and retirement products available. We have no access to your funds and do not charge any management fees. All contracts and funds are directly signed and sent to the providing companies. 

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