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Your Retirement Plan: Are you an employee? What You Should Know

Retirement planning is becoming more complex as time progresses. The days of relying on social security payments from the government as the sole means of support during one's golden years are long gone. Nowadays, people need a variety of retirement funds from pensions to personal savings and social security to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle after leaving the working world.

The Time to Start Planning is Now

Do not wait for your employer or the government to take control of your retirement planning. Sure, your employer might offer matching contributions for your retirement or a pension. The government takes money out of each of your paychecks for social security. The problem is that those funds might not be there in the future.

Governments across the world will likely struggle to fulfill their social security payment obligations as time progresses. Plenty of employment retirement plans are tied to stock market performance. If the market stagnates or moves downward, your retirement funds will be at risk.

Employers are Only Temporary

The days of spending one's working life with the same company are long gone. Most people change jobs five times or more during their career. The bottom line is that the peaks and troughs of capitalism mean that companies struggle to stay in business across posterity. Imagine working for an employer that goes bankrupt. You not only lose your job, but you could also lose some or all of your retirement benefits, especially if they are tied into the company's stock or placed in a pension. Even if your employer is still in business when you retire there is no guarantee that the company will still be operational a decade or two later when you desperately need your retirement funds.

Why Trust a Self-Interested Employer With Your Nest Egg?

Ask yourself if you really trust your employer to handle your retirement money. Plenty of corporations have misappropriated employee retirement funds for other purposes. Wouldn't you rather have full control over your nest egg? The truth is that every employer is self-interested. Corporations almost always opt for the cheapest pension plans and put the investment risk squarely on the employees.

The Government Can't be Relied on Either

Modern day governments are quite volatile as well. Most are saddled with incredible debts that they might not ever be able to pay off. Putting faith in the government to secure your pension across posterity is a mistake. Governments have the power to change laws in terms of the retirement age and the payment of pension/social security benefits. Senior citizens commonly complain that their social security payments do not keep pace with the rate of inflation.

The Real Solution to a Comfortable Retirement is Self-Reliance

It is clear that neither governments or corporations are worthy of your trust when it comes to retirement. Do your future self an enormous favor by amassing your own savings during your working years. If you would like to put your savings in a secure plan that guarantees a minimum return at the end of the plan, we can help.

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