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Firewood is a Niche Profitable Industry Worth Looking at - NEWS from the 12-month Firewood Fixed Inc

Today, wood accounts for 47% of renewable energy, biomasswill make up 19% of total renewable electricity in 2020, an increase from 15%.

Firewood has been heating people’s homes for thousands of years and to date, over 40% of houses in Europe still rely on firewood. Climate change, longer and colder winters, increase in demand for renewable energy are driving demand for wood-based products. The industry faces higher demand than current supply and key industry players benefit from the gap. Click here to read the industry outlook.

Over the last 10 years, GG Capital has been exporting and trading firewood (birch and adler wood), wood briquettes and charcoal to retail clients in Sweden, Finland, Norway Denmark, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Russia and the Baltic regions. Their customer-base includes Shell, Kanava, K-RAUTA, Motoral, S Group, Motorla, RTV, Coop, Ingarö Fed, Norrort Ved, ICA,, JSP Trading and their network of over 100 end customers. They trade over 23,000 tons per year and add two to three new buyers every season. This season has opened doors to the Russian market.

The company has had a great 2018/2019 season with 75% of growth rate in sales. September 2019 to date has had a 40% growth rate with an increase in sales request from some of the Nordic's largest retail chains including ICA, Coop Finland/S-Group and Motoral.

Their business model is simple – they buy from wood suppliers and deliver it to their wholesale and retail clients. GG Capital acts as a one-stop supplier, making it more efficient for retailers and wholesalers to deal with a smaller number of suppliers as opposed to managing a large supply chain network. GG Capital does that for them.

GG Capital makes sure that their wood-products conform with quality. The competitive advantage is that they sell dry wood produced in Europe. The problem the market faces is wet-wood firewood. Some competitors sell low quality firewood, which gets imported from Africa as “raw material”, packaged up in Europe and then stamped “made in Europe”. GG Capital goes to each supplier they work with, verifies that all the wood is produced in Europe and complies with sustainable forestry management practices. Through this rigorous selection and supplier verification checks, GG Capital has become an entrusted primary supplier to the Finnish market.

Over the last five years, they have been financing their development by providing 12-month Fixed Income Plans. These work exactly like a loan. As opposed to most products today, the fixed income plan allows investors a unique opportunity to participate in a business model that has been around for decades. Funds are only used for purchasing the wood-products from suppliers only when sales contracts have been signed with the buyers. The distribution and the entire process is insured.

“I have this plan since 2017. I am very pleased with my Firewood Plan. All payments have been on time. I have been discussing this with my colleagues.” Dughall MacLachlainn, ship captain

Investors who wish to earn a stable fixed interest income on their savings or capital, receive 8.5% to 10% (depending on the placed amount) per year. The term is 12 months, after which you can receive your funds back or leave them for another 12-month term. Interest is paid every quarter directly to your bank account. The plan has no administration or management fees.

Today, banks have negative interest rates, which means that they charge you money for keeping your savings in your accounts. Not only do your savings decrease in value due to inflation but also from negative savings rates.

To receive the 12-month Fixed Income Firewood Savings plan information contact

Crewinvest is one of the introducers that GG Capital works with and provides access to the 12-month Fixed Income Plans. Crewinvest has been offering investment, savings and retirement solutions for the last 25 years. Our journey as a brokerage firm began in the UK in the 1980s, assisting investors from all over the world, covering all areas of personal financial matters, offering a choice of retirement plans and fixed income bonds. We have no access to our client’s funds, all agreements are signed directly with the companies.

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