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GG Capital – the 12-month Firewood Fixed Income Provider – has signed up a new client, BYGGMAX

GG Capital has signed up a new client, BYGGMAX, last week. GG Capital, whose clients already include Shell, Kanava, K-Rauta and Motoral, have been suppling firewood and wood products to over 10 countries since 2010.

In 2019, the company became one of the largest suppliers of firewood to the Scandinavian market, with 50% of the firewood being supplied by GG Capital to retailers and wholesalers.

The demand and trust from buyers increased when GG Capital became the first in Sweden and Finland to receive the SWAN certificate. This guarantees buyers that the wood comes from sustainable forestry producers.



“Byggmax Group AB is a Sweden-based company active within the construction materials retail sector. The Company is engaged in the discount retail of construction materials in the Nordic do-it-yourself (DIY) market. Its offering includes basic construction materials, such as wood, stone and concrete, isolation materials, doors, windows, flooring, paints and coatings, tools, screws, bolts, basic electrical and ventilation materials, kitchen and toilet fittings, as well as wooden cottage sets. The Company operates Byggmax Norge and Byggmax AB Finland as subsidiaries responsible for retail sails in Norway and Finland, as well as Buildor AB and Skanska Byggvaror as wholly owned subsidiaries. Its largest shareholder is Altor 2003 Sarl, which holds 35.76% of the Company’s shares. The Company operates 67 stores across Sweden and 170 stores all around Sweden, Norway and Finland with 67 stores in Sweden.Byggmax is one of the foremost retail chains for construction and do-it-yourself products in the Nordics. The group’s annual revenue 2020 was SEK 6.8 billion and the corporate group is listed on Nasdaq.”


Firewood heats over 40% of households in Scandinavia. In February 2021, the demand for firewood surged due to cold weather, the pandemic and also fuel and gas shortages in the US, Yemen, Russia and many other countries.

However, it is not only being used as a sustainable heating resource but for other purposes as well.

For example, wood fibers are currently making up 1% of total plastic production. This is expected to grow as the world is aiming to replace plastic, also cross-laminated timber is being used to replace carbon-intensive concrete and steel. Today, wood-based fibers represent about 6% of all textiles.


GG Capital offers those who wish to participate in the industry growth a 12-month Fixed Income Plan. The company finances their growing customers’ demand and expansion through this.

The Plan allows you to grow your savings and retirement funds through a fixed return of 11% per year.

The interest is paid directly to your bank account every quarter. At the end of 12 months, you can either renew or redeem your capital.

Contact or click here to request the factsheet.


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