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Sustainable Investment | How firewood helps the environment and reduces pollution 

Is burning wood bad for the environment? According to CSIRO study it is virtually greenhouse neutral and is a useful way to reduce the carbon pollution from gas and coal energy use.

As long as the wood is purchased from sustainable sources, you are actually helping the environment by heating your home with wood instead of gas and electricity.

Wood is a renewable energy and bioenergy. In some parts of the world due to sustainable forestry practices, areas under forests are now actually increasing.

Burning coal and wood must not be confused. These are two different things. Coal is a nonrenewable energy source because it takes millions of years to form. Coal contains energy stored in plants that lived hundreds of millions of years ago in swampy forests. Layers of dirt and rock covered the plants over millions of years. The resulting pressure and heat turned the plants into coal.

Coal is then mined and this causes more pollution to the environment as well as posing danger to coal miners.

Firewood is recognized and labeled as a renewable energy resource (biomass). Through sustainable forestry practices, producers regenerate forestry and the threat of forest extinction is diminishing.

Research shows that the Atlantic Forest in Brazil has regained around 4.2 million hectares – an area roughly the size of the Netherlands since 2000.

From Mongolia to Brazil, forests big enough to cover France have grown back during the last 20 years.

Sustainable practices, awareness, regulations and end-users demand has forced and helped reforestation.

Despite the general belief that cutting old trees down is bad, this is not entirely true. Younger trees absorb more nitrogen than older trees, which helps clean the ecosystem’s air and water. However, this has to be done with sustainable forestry management.

Firewood has been heating people’s homes and used for cooking stoves for hundreds of years, way before coal, oil, solar and nuclear was discovered.

Finding investment opportunities in niche necessity industries and mature companies with a track record is very scarce and only available to private equity and hedge funds.

For the last 10 years, one of the leading Firewood Suppliers in Scandinavia (GG Capital) has been offering a 12-month Fixed Income Firewood Note. The current rate being 12% interest per year. At the end of 12 months you can redeem your capital or leave it in for another term. They supply firewood to CO-OP, Shell, BYGMAXX and other wholesalers. They use the funds to increase their capacity to meet their clients' demand.

For example, Shell would tell GG Capital how much firewood they would like to order. Based on the requirement, GG Capital uses the raised funds to meet Shell's demand. Once the purchase agreement is signed with Shell, GG Capital places orders with their sustainable forestry suppliers.

To receive the 12-month Fixed Income Firewood plan click here or send us an email at


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