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Yacht Crew: Your Financial Future Guide

This particular industry is very difficult to work in. You may wake up one day to find yourself burned out, not wanting to be back on board or worse, fired.

Yachting is a great industry to go into if you wish to amass serious money with which to move on to another venture, continue studies or build a future. However, many working on yachts find it easy money to earn and spend it all.

If you have been in yachting for 5 years plus, you have probably earned at least €200,000. Where is it gone? Don't waste any more of your money.

If you have not put a plan in place to achieve financial freedom, it is time to act.

The 12-month Fixed Income Plan has has been providing crew for over 8 years a fixed return on their savings. It offers a fixed income of 10% per year paid directly to your bank account every three months. This plan does not lock you in for a long period of time and your capital can be redeemed very quickly.

Other investment options such as property purchase and long-term pension plans are all illiquid, meaning, that if you need your cash you have to wait until you sell the property or stocks. If it’s a bad time you can lose a lot of money on both of these.

Why Fixed income plans? Fixed income is an investment approach focused on preservation of capital and income. Click here to read what BlackRock investment firm says about Fixed Income Plans.

How to invest in the short term 12-months Fixed income plan? Click here or contact us at to request the factsheet.


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